About that hummus....

So I realize I've left y'all hanging on my hummus making.  I actually did make hummus.  I attempted to replicate The Cyclist's favorite Trader Joe's hummus - White Bean & Basil.

Here is a bad pic of my suspects....

Here is a slightly better (but still bad) pic of my suspects using the flash....

So, I threw this stuff in the food processor and called it hummus.  
We had guests, so I didn't write anything down.
Also, when we first tasted the hummus, I gave it a 2-3 star rating.
Not good enough for you, blogosphere.

We were busy with our guests and a houseful of munchkins.
So, I stuck the 2 star hummus in the fridge and forgot about it.

But then on Sunday, a mini miracle occurred.
I took the hummus out to try it again and it had greatly improved.
Apparently sitting in the fridge overnight is the key for hummus.
It firmed up.
The flavors melded.
It was no longer 2 stars.
It was 4.

It was not, however, a replica of Trader Joe's White Bean & Basil.
It was, however, a masterpiece of it's own lemony goodness.

Anyway, since I didn't write down the recipe, I'll have to attempt it again.
Sorry Charlie's.

I had a brilliant fall hummus idea pop into my mind.
I purchased supplies at yesterday's Farmer's Market.
I hope to bring you fabulous hummus by the end of the week.

Clues in my upcoming Farmer's Market post.


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  1. aw, once you figure out the recipe let me know! i just LOVE hummus!
    xo TJ

  2. Will do! Hopefully will have a Fall inspired hummus this week!


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