Finally. Tahini!

I have been wanting to make my own hummus for a long time, but I've never done it because I'm always missing that one key ingredient - Tahini.  I missed the Farmer's Market on Sunday because we were still at Solage (which I will take over the Farmer's Market any day of the week).  So, on our way home we stopped at the Yolo Fruit Stand to pick up some goods - this place is a great alternative if you miss the Farmer's Market.

I bought a Chinese Eggplant and was wandering the aisles looking for soba noodles.  I was envisioning some type of sesame noodle dish goodness, and then, I stumbled upon this.....


Jackpot!  Key ingredient no longer missing from my cupboard.  On the way home I dreamed of all the types of hummus I could make (RRP maybe?).  The funny thing is, I like hummus, but I'm not the biggest fan.  The real hungry hummus eaters in our house are The Cyclist & The Munchkin.  I think "hummus" was one of The Munchkin's first words.

Anyway, I started perusing recipe after recipe looking for a base for me to run with and they ALL call for lemon juice, darn it!  Apparently, Tahini wasn't the only key ingredient I'm always missing.  So, when life gives you lemons.....go to the store and buy some so you can make your own hummus.

Hummus recipe coming your way as soon as I have lemons!!

P.S.  That Chinese eggplant and soba noodle idea still sounds good, so I'll work on that too.

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