Recipe Find - Roasted Red Pepper Penne

One of my favorite foodie blogs is How Sweet It Is. The Cyclist brought it to my attention when he asked me to make Jessica's recipe for Crunchy Honey Chicken.

So, when she recently posted a recipe for Roasted Red Pepper Penne, I knew I wanted to try it. I love roasted red pepper, but I had never made it before. I envisioned lots of flame and singed eyebrows. But, it turns out roasting red peppers (at least with this method) is pretty dang easy. Let me tell you, this was super good!

I did not take photos of all the steps, but they are outlined in the above link to the recipe. I did manage to take a photo of our finished product while I was stuffing it in my face. It's a miracle there was no Roasted Red Pepper smear on the lens....

This was really tasty and not very difficult. I am now officially addicted to the roasted red pepper flavor! I plan to make a roasted red pepper marinara (with no canned tomatoes, darn it) this week...and maybe some roasted red pepper hummus. I must admit that I also attempted to make this recipe within 72 hours of trying it the first time and was warned by The Cyclist to not "wear it out". Someone in our house may be roasted red peppered out by the end of this week (but it won't be me!).

I did, however, already manage to find a way to tweak this recipe for a girls dinner I attended....I told you I am addicted to the roasted red pepper flavor! So, basically all I did was make the roasted red pepper sauce exactly as the recipe calls for, but instead of adding olive oil, I added 3 ounces of low-fat cream cheese (or neufatchel cheese). I chilled it for a bit and served it with sliced veggies. Roasted Red Pepper Dip y'all!

Yum! I won't be posting this recipe to Tasty Kitchen....I feel like it's way to similar to the original to call it my own. But, whether it be the Roasted Red Pepper Penne or the Dip (y'all), both are good and worth trying!

Maybe I can coin the term "RRP" after all of this?

P.S. The Munchkin loved the penne too!

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