4th of July BBQ Ideas

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Hey friends!
4th of July is just 3 days away so I thought I'd compile a list of goodies to inspire your BBQ.

And....we're off!


Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce - Can't have a BBQ without some good swauss right?


Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin - The summer herbs are aplenty right now and they go great with a nice pork tenderloin and your grill.

Turkey Burger with Fresh Herbs - Here is another herblicious idea, spice up your plain old turkey burger with some fresh herbs!

Asian Turkey Burgers - Want something spicy instead?  Try these Asian inspired turkey burgers.  I served them over rice but they'd be just as good on a poppy seed bun with cilantro mayo.

Homemade Garden Burgers - Are there vegetarians in the house?  You can grill up a veggie burger too!

Salmon Cakes with Creamy Dill Sauce - Looking to make something unique?  These salmon cakes should do just fine on the grill too!  Topped with cool creamy dill sauce, they are sure to be a hit!  The recipe has a selection for cakes or a burger too.


Bean Salad in a hurry - Looking for something quick and easy?  You can whip up this tasty bean salad in no time flat.

Cold Quinoa Salad with fresh mint, craisins and almonds - This is a healthy and delicious treat for a hot day.  It will also hold up well without refrigeration for some time.

Corn Salsa - You can never go wrong with a good salsa.

Costa Rican Black Bean Dip - Looking to bring something hot and spicy?  This is always a hit!

Grain & Veggie Salad over Shredded Cabbage - This Trader Joe's knock off is a favorite of mine.  It will also hold up well without refrigeration for some time.

Prosciutto Caprese - An oldy but a goody.  The prosciutto brings a nice saltiness to this basic caprese.


Frozen Peanut Butter Pie - Nothing better than a cold pie on a hot day, especially when there is peanut butter involved.

Philly Cream Peach Tart with a Shortbread Crust - Or you can use the delicious peaches that are now in season to make your sweet instead.

Orange Snickerdoodles - Want to just whip up a batch of cookies?  These 50/50 like snickerdoodles will do.

OK, I think I've got you covered!  Come back before the 4th for some tasty ice cream treats and a giveaway!

P.S.  I'm sure you've heard it a kajillion times but Google Reader is dead.  You can find me on Bloglovin'.

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