Hiking Pt. Reyes, Cowgirl Creamery and Alpaca's!

Ah the Bay Area.  If you live in it, or near it, you know that summer happens in September and October. Growing up near it and with a summer rainstorm looming, my mom and I both knew we would be risking fog when we headed out for a hike last Sunday.

We decided we didn't care.  This was our much belated Mother's Day celebration and we were excited to hike and eat cheese!  We took on Nicholas' motto of ABP (Always Be Prepared, an Eagle Scout he is), packed layers and headed out.

Our intention was to hike the Tomales Point Trail, which on a clear day looks like this....
Via Flickr

But last Sunday you couldn't even see the ocean.


Being that it was SO foggy, wet...and drippy...and a bit cold, we decided to head down the hill where the visibility was better and hike another trail.

We stopped to smell the flowers first.

We stopped again to say hi to some friends along the way.

Mr. Elk

and Messrs. Cow

We wound up near the visitor center and did the Mt. Wittenberg Loop Trail instead.

We stopped for a Mom & Me selfie first.

Being under the forest canopy on a foggy day was so beautiful.

It was also much more dry than the Tomales Point trail.

We stopped to kiss a banana slug.

We stopped to take photos of hairy trees.

We stopped to take photos of each other taking photos.

It was such a beautiful day.

We stopped for a deer in the trail.

We stopped to take photos of flowers too.

After our hike we headed into Pt. Reyes Station.
Where we stopped again to eat some cheese.

Oh cheese, how I love you.  If you are in the area I highly recommend stopping at Cowgirl Creamery for lunch.  (You can find some other good stuff about Cowgirl Creamery here.)

Lunch was delicious!

Our final stop was to our cousins Alpaca farm in Glen Ellen.  Thanks Debbie!

Seriously, these little ladies are the cutest things ever.

Thanks Mom for a great day!

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  2. Your photos are so gorgeous! I love the one of the hairy trees especially! So glad to have found your blog, it's got such a nice feel to it :)


    1. Thanks Rosie! When you are in the states you should visit the Northern Coast. :) Thank you for stopping by and having a look around.


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