Philly Cream Peach Tart with a Shortbread Crust: The tale of a contest entry

Well I entered this little contest yesterday....

This was my entry...

Philly Cream Peach Tart with a Shortbread Crust
{You can get the full recipe by clicking that ↑ link}

I have never entered a contest like this before and I thought it was fun.  The blog allows me to be creative without any parameters.  The contest, on the other hand, had some specific rules that forced me to be creative in order to follow them.  This was challenging, but I think the end result is a better product for it.

I took two shots at making this.  The first one was good, but didn't look nearly as pretty.  I also made it in a pie pan the first time, which didn't work out nearly as well as the tart pan.  I must say, the addition of the tart pan at our house is quickly making me become the Queen of Tarts - I already have a new tart recipe that I'll share soon.

Due to time constraints (read: I have a real job too), I typically don't make and re-make recipes I post here.  If they're good and they look good, I share them.  This is something I would probably change if I ever get to make blogging and recipe creation my full time job, but for now, what I'm doing works.  Giving myself that time with this recipe though, I was really able to perfect it, which was nice.

Additionally, I spent a lot more time with the photos than I normally would (again, real job = limited time).  I took about 40 photos of this dang tart and spent hours editing the photo I finally chose.

The lesson learned here is, the photo editing and time spent is really worth it.  It does leave me with a bit of dilemma though, because spending more time on photos means less posts per week, but also makes me a better photographer.

And, of course I hope/wish/pray I win this contest (how freaking awesome would that be??), the experience of participating (and eating that tart) was worth it.

And that ends the tale of my contest entry.  Have a nice day!

P.S.  I also shared this on Tasty Kitchen.

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  1. oh my gosh that looks amazing! i love the fresh peaches! yum!

    1. Thank you and stay tuned! I'm working on a gluten free crust so I can make one of these for a friend!


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