Views from Sears Tower

Did you know Sears Tower is actually now called Willis Tower?
I didn't think so.  
That's why I titled this post "Views from Sears Tower", cause if it said "Views from Willis Tower" you'd probably say, "What you talkin' bout Willis?!"
Er.  Nevermind.  You wouldn't say that, but my uncle probably would.

Do you know who this cute couple is?


Neither do I.  However, I think they are super awesome for walking right into that clear box and standing over the city like it was nothin'.  
Cool as cucumbers.  Cheers to you cute couple!

So, let's learn some stuff about What you talkin' bout Wills Sears Tower...

It's high.  Like really dang high.  So high in fact, you can supposedly see 4 states.
I mostly noticed how flat the Midwest is.
The actual height is 1,729 feet.

And I still can't believe that's a lake.
Although the tower itself is over 1,700 feet, the Sky Deck, where these photos are from is at a measly 1,353 feet.
No bigs.
I was peering way out into that  giant lake and saw this thing....
 .....which appears to be your typical circus tent in the middle of the water.

The Skydeck is on the 103rd floor.

Being up this high things happen.
People look like ants.

Buildings look like Monopoly pieces.

 My feet start to sweat profusely.

And as best said by The Pioneer Woman, my hiney starts to tingle.

 I am a tall person.  And I personally think it's weird that I'm afraid of heights.

I would have never stepped foot in the elevator to the Skydeck if The Cyclist hadn't dropped the news on me as soon as we got off the train.

Cyclist: "We're going to Sears Tower."
Wife: "Nooooo, I don't wanna go up there!"
Cyclist: "Well, you can wait at the bottom then.  I'm going."
Who wants to be lame and wait at the bottom?

 Not me.

I'm glad I didn't.  It was pretty cool up there. 

Even with sweaty feet and hiney tingles.

 Here are some more fun facts:

Sears Tower is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

The building encompasses more than 4.5 million square feet.

And this building which you can view from the Skydeck looks like a giant Lego.

Sears Tower is the 8th tallest building in the world.

And from the tower you get an awesome view of that green roof.

Now, let's talk about The Ledge.

The Ledge is this crazy town glass box viewing platform that you can actually walk out onto.
I'm seriously getting the hiney tingle just writing about it.  You can tell even The Cyclist was nervous.

He relaxed after a minute though.
But me, getting those sweaty feet and tingling hiney just over the edge was a true feat of courage.

If you go to Chicago, visit the tower. It's worth it, even when you're afraid of heights.

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  1. wow those views are amazing! the water is so blue! i'd definitely be a scardey cat about the viewing ledge! haha

  2. How cute is that little couple?! I love them.

    Awesome photos lady!

    1. Me too! They were great. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. gotta love chicago! what great images captured! love the sears tower!
    xo TJ

  4. Yikes, it's scary at the top! Your husband is brave to sit on the ledge.


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