OK Thursday.....er Friday..or something

......that it's Friday and I'm doing my It's OK Thursday post.

Its Ok Thursdays

.....that I chose to cruiser it to work today even though it will be 100° on my way home.  Good thing I brought shorts and a tank top.

.....that I'm supposed to be on vacation right now, but instead I'm at work.

.....that I'm going to sleep in as long as possible tomorrow.

.....that I have fallen asleep on the couch every night this week in attempt to stay-up and watch the Olympics.

.....that I intend to go home after work and make this, even though I should probably save it for my Saturday guests.

......that I can't remember the last time I ran.  Or not.

......that next week I will be doing my real job "at my leisure".  It's better than OK actually.

......that I'm secretly tired of Olympic Diving and ready for Olympic Track to start already.

Really, ITS OK.

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