Instagram {Leavenworth}

In addition to visiting folk in Seattle, I had the pleasure of spending most of my Washington time with my little seeester in the quaint little town of Leavenworth, where she is our adventure, via instagram.

(1) Good morning Gabby, (2) Things found in the trunk of a 21 year old, 
(3) Seeesters, (4) Citizen Patrol on the loose
(1) Road to Leavenworth, (2) Welcome you have arrived,
(3) Class 4 section (more on this later), (4) Gabby the safe swimmer 
(1) River rocks, (2) A sign for Otis Brown, (3) Beer, (4) Brat
(1) SG=silly girls/silly glasses, (2) On the street, Leavenworth,
(3) Hanging flower goodness, (4) Yum.
(1) Beware, follow the signs, (2) Feet on Blackbird Island,
(3) TCW & Dad, (4) Leavenworth sunset

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