Take a Hike

While visiting Leavenworth I had the pleasure of kicking yet another item off of my bucket list...

Let's take a hike!

Welcome to the Icicle Ridge Trail.  This trail is 2.5 miles with an 1,800 foot gain.  
This was a dog friendly trail too (at least, we had a dog and saw a couple of other dogs along the way).

Let's get climbing.  

First we'll see the rooftops....

...and then we'll see the tree tops.

And then we'll see a tree without a top.

This is one of those trails that gets prettier as you go.

You'll end up holding up your family members while you take too many pictures.
Is there a such thing as too many pictures?

This is Alvin.  He was our guide.
My sister claims Simon and Theodore were down the trail but I never spotted them.

When you get to around the 3/4 mark of the hike the views really get to be spectacular.

Once you arrive at the top, have a seat in the handy wooden chairs and take a picture with your fam...
(Don't miss the chance to make a silly face seester)

Then peruse the views from the top of the mountain at every angle...


Last but not least.  
Don't forget to let your dog take an impromptu bath in the stream on the way down. 

Good girl Gabby.

Happy Hiking!

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