In case you were wondering.....but maybe you weren't....but I'll tell you anyway.

I've been missing from the blogosphere for the last couple of days!  But.  I learned how to add code and the nifty little buttons to the right.  Now you can link my Facebook page, Twitter and RSS feed just by pressing the button.  I felt like the sidebar was getting cluttered so I fixed it up.  I have to send a big THANK YOU to Alicia for this post which was so incredibly helpful.  Now that I think I am a super code writer, those buttons will probably change up until I find some that I super like, but the basics are good for now.

Also, I have made another change on the little bloggy.  When I started this shindig, I made a conscious decision that I would not use this space to be negative.  There is too much of that in the world.  This is a happy spot.  I do enjoy reviewing things though, so initially when sharing recipe's I called them "Recipe Review(s)" and put them under the "Recipe Review" tab up above.  But, since I'm not really reviewing, but more sharing a good find, I've changed the tab and the titles to "Recipe Finds".  From now on that's what I'll be calling it when I share a recipe from someone else on the blog.  I will continue to use Yelp to do actual reviews, good and bad (but trust me, it has to be really really bad for me to actually put it in writing).

Did you see the Farmer's Market Live post?  This was a brilliant idea of friend & fellow blogger Eek! - Slurpees in spandex.  I'm going to do these as often as possible.  If you live in the area you can get a peep of what's at the market that morning.  Sweet.  Thanks Em!

Have you seen Pinterest?  It's nifty.  You can see what I'm pinning by pressing the button to the right....

I'm beginning to forget who Old Lady and the Computer is.

Oh yeah.  So, I don't promise to stop nerding out but I do promise to get back to real blog posts.

Until then!
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  1. aw, love the little changes you are adding to the blog.
    and my own personal belief, it's okay if you are a little sad on your blog, because it is YOURS. it's not human to be happy all the time. but i totally understand your decisions!
    xo TJ

  2. Thanks Mrs. T! I agree on being sad sometimes. :( :)
    Maybe I explained myself wrong...I meant I didn't want to waste energy on if I find something I don't like I'm not going to waste everyone's time complaining how terrible it is. Who wants to hear that, right?
    But being sad, you are right, that is OK. Thanks for posting this comment, it really hits home for me today....more than you know.


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