Cyclists!! Home-made gel recipe!!

So, the other night at Savage Sprints as I was standing there taking 500 blurry photos of pizza, a very nice gentlemen asked me "what are the pictures for?".  I'm sure he was probably thinking "why the heck are you taking 500 pictures of the same piece of pizza lady?", and rightly so.

But, nevertheless, this started a conversation about this here little blog and he told me he had a home-made gel recipe that he was willing to share.  Awesome!  I have not made this yet but I can't wait to try it.

Let's get our fuel on...

The suspects:

75ml Brown Rice Syrup
40ml Agave Nectar
15ml Blackstrap Molasses
4 pinches Sea Salt
Zest of 1 Orange

How to:
Mix well in a blender.
Makes 1 gel flask, 500cal.

Thank you Steve McC!!

Steve said he purchased all of the ingredients at our local co-op
but I'm sure you can get this stuff at any specialty or natural foods grocery store.

Recognize the Blackstrap Molasses?  It's in my BBQ Sauce too.

Like I said, I can't wait to try this.  
Considering how much any athlete pays for fuel on a regular basis, this is a great alternative.
I believe Steve said he figured out a filler for a gel flask is usually about $1.50, 
but the home-made method puts it out to be about 10 cents per flask.
And, he says it tastes good too!
Not bad!

Now go get your home-made gel-fuel on!

P.S. This is also under the recipe reviews tab up above so it's easier to get to in the future.

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