Cool Thing Friday

Aaannnddd here's some cool stuff for you.....

In case you question why Meryl Streep is an Oscar winner, this Ellen segment should help.

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It's kind of nifty what you can do with a camera.  (Found via Shutterbean).


What you don't see it?  Here.


Click the links on the photos for more forced perspective!

I am completely intrigued by people (tribes) who live in seclusion.  This photo essay is awesome.


Have you ever wondered what our plates would look like without California?  This article is very interesting.  (Thanks Coco!)

This slideshow on Leavenworth, WA made me giggle a bit.  My sister lives nearby and we like to joke that everything in Leavenworth is called Da Something-Or-Other.


It is a very cute place, we had a ton of fun!  If you get the chance to visit you should.  If you want to hike while you're there check this out.

In case you were wondering, I still love Jennifer Lawrence.

Happy Friday!
Oh yeah, one more thing...

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