CrossFit Diary - Week 1

So I went and signed up for CrossFit.  This is not a New Years Resolution - I don't do those.  This was more of a need for a change, a reason to be consistent, curiosity and simplicity.

I've been curious about CrossFit for quite awhile.  Every person that I know who has tried it has had amazing results.  I have been running, but really only on the weekend....and I was riding, but then it got cold....and lets be real, consistency has never been my strong suit in working out.  I typically do enough.  Enough to stay reasonably active, enough to fit in my jeans, enough to eat what I want.  I have never been scale conscious and I think I have a positive body image.  But this year has been cray-cray and now that we are finally settling in, I have begun to feel the lag in the workout section of my life. Plus, I feel a little "fluffy" as I like to call it.  So, after we moved and I started seeing these little green and black signs all over our new area, I did a quick Google search of the CrossFit in my hood and viola, I signed up.

Beyond CrossFit curiosity here is what sold me - 5 a.m. classes and the first 30 days free.
"5 a.m.!" you say?  That's right.  The bottom line is if I don't get my workout done in the morning the chances of it actually happening at all plummet (to about 5%).  All of the other CrossFit facilities I've checked out in the past have classes starting at 6 a.m. - early yes, but not early enough for me to get ready and get to work by 8.  So, 5 a.m. sold me.  As far as the first 30 days, who doesn't like free?  I started with the plan to go every weekday during that period.  If I like my results I plan to continue.

So, last week was my first week and here is how it went down.  I'm sparing you the details of what we did and providing my basic thoughts and witty banter instead.

Monday - Holy cow!  That was awesome though push-ups might actually kill me.  I was sore and took advil as soon as I got to work.  I loved it!  Getting up early was worth it!  Work out done before 6am?! Rack-it!

Tuesday - I could barely get up from my chair and putting on my coat caused extreme difficulty, but I really wanted to go back.

Wednesday - Happy New Year, the CrossFit Gym was closed.  And also, I got sick again.  I spent the day on the couch with tissue, cough drops and a headache.  I planned to take down Christmas among other things but all I managed to do was sleep and fold 1/2 a basket of laundry.  Shoot.

Thursday - Still sick.  Major bummer.

Friday - Aaannnnd.....still sick.  Seriously?

So, my first week didn't go down as planned but so far I've still got the bug - the CrossFit bug not the sick bug.

Have you done CrossFit?  What are your thoughts?

Happy New Year!

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