Top 13 of 2013

Can you believe this year is about to end?  This has been the most busy, crazy, changing, adventure filled, goal completing, traveled year yet.  As we said on our Christmas card, this year we:

Remodeled, Graduated, Sold, Packed, Moved, 
Went to Idaho, Went to Montana, Went to Wyoming, 
Went to Oregon, Went to Washington, Packed Again, 
Moved Again, Got Hired.....we are still unpacking.
We look forward to any adventures that 2014 will bring!

It's a miracle that in all this chaos I was able to do a few blog posts.  With that I bring you the top 13 of 2013!

Everyone loves a giveaway.  It was a pleasure working with Minted on this one.

I'm happy this one made the list because I love sharing.  Plus it featured a recipe from a local blogger - A Girl and her Fork.

This one makes me giggle a bit, but I guess everyone is in for a simple, tasty and cute recipe.

This is my personal favorite post of the year.  I still cannot explain how proud I am of my mom.  I'm more proud of her in this moment than in any other race.  I hope she comes back next year. (She is on the mend!)

A post from early on in the year before all the crazy moving madness started.  This is also one of my first posts using my big girl camera.  Oh what a difference (thanks honey).

I'm glad everyone liked this crafty post because I have some more crafty things coming for 2014!

Apparently when I really open my mouth sometimes people like to listen!  I'm surprised this one is on the list, but lots of people had opinions about old Lance.  I stick by mine.

We still love this granola and it still disappears quickly upon being made.  This is a great recipe if I don't say so myself.

5.  Crystal Cove {Newport Beach, CA}
This one was also a surprise to me.  I'm glad you liked it because we sure did.  Such a beautiful and quaint place.

4.  Strawberries, Margaritas and Mom's
Wow, my mom is doing good this year!  Two posts and both well read.  Can't say I'm surprised. This was a fun day and that strawberry margarita tart was tasty!

3.  Kitchen Re-Model Phase 2 - Bye Bye Betty Draper!
Well, all of our hard work paid off in more ways than one.  We challenged ourselves, completed the goal and you liked it too, thanks!

2.  Chicken Pot Pie ♥ The Heart Healthy Way ♥
Oh my yummy.  I need to make this again STAT.

1.  Dinner Makeover {Cheeseburger, Fries + Shake}
Ahh, my first whole meal post.  I am most thrilled with that banana shake.  So delicious!

Happy New Year friends!  Best wishes to you and yours!

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  1. Hmm, somehow the orange snickerdoodle post snuck by me...I'm going to have to make some of those. I love citrusy cookies!


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