Whiskey Ginger Pom and a trip to Willie's Distillery {Ennis, MT}

What are your thoughts on whiskey?

Over the Summer, a friend of ours schooled us on whiskey and bourbon. He travels to Scotland often for work and his knowledge is legit.  (Thanks Matt B.!)  I don't often drink hard alcohol, and if I do it is usually in the form of a margarita.  I've never been a fan of whiskey.  My theory being, why have Jack and Coke when I can have Captain and Coke?  As a food blogger, I often see whiskey and bourbon popping up in all kinds of recipes.  After getting educated, I was intrigued.  

Later in the Summer on our annual trip to Montana, we were excited to find out a nearby town had a distillery (Willie's Distillery in Ennis).  The Ennis Art Festival was happening, so we headed over to check it out and also stopped in to Willie's.  

Of course we partook in a whiskey tasting (does anyone go to a distillery and not do this?).   After some great explanations from our server and consulting over the flavors, we left with a nice bottle for home. 

Don't they make wonderful models?  Thanks Mom & Nicholas.

The first drink we made at the suggestion of the distillery was a whiskey and ginger beer. 

It was tasty, and the ginger flavor was a nice compliment to the strong whiskey taste. It was also the inspiration for this drink, the whiskey-ginger-pom.

I wanted to use a seasonal fruit and thought pomegranate would be perfect. The tartness and beautiful color makes this more of a ladies' whiskey drink, but Nicholas loved it too.  This is a great drink for the holiday season.

Thanks to Willie's for a fun day and thank you for joining me for a whiskey.

For the recipe, click over to PopSugar or my Recipe page!

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