Cool Thing Friday - Arthur Henry's Supper Club + Ruby Room

Hey Friends!

For today's Cool Thing Friday I'm sharing a cool new spot in Sac-town - Arthur Henry's Supper Club + Ruby Room.

Nicholas got us invited to the soft opening on Wednesday night (woot!).  For those in Sac you may recognize the location as the old Primo's Swiss Club on Broadway.  The building has been beautifully renovated, still keeping the lounge-y charm on the inside.

We were surprised when we were greeted by a big grill in the dining room.  Arthur Henry's is doing something I've never seen in that you cook your own steak!

It goes like this:
Get your table
Order a nice cocktail
Order your food (selection of different steaks, steak/scallop combo, veggie skewers or a portabello cap)
Sip the nice cocktail
Receive said food
Unwrap, season and grill food
Mingle with new friends at the grill while your food cooks
Return to table with tasty food

Thoughts.  We weren't expecting this experience but it was fun.  It would be good for a group, the cocktails are quality and I love that this section of Broadway is seeing some love.  The food was basic but good.  We did not pay (soft opening) but were provided a bill so we could see what the prices would have been.  This is where Arthur Henry's is getting it right.  In a typical sit-down restaurant a full steak dinner and 2 drinks would probably run close to $50.  We were at about $25 per person.  At any rate, this place is worth checking out for sure.

Other thoughts.  I wish we would have been given more history of the building and explanation of the concept, it would have been interesting to hear.

{Most of these photos (except that last one) are all from my old skool iPhone #noupdate, so they are a bit lackluster, my apologies.  I wasn't tryin' to carry my big girl camera all up in a new joint.}

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Happy Friday!

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