CrossFit Diary - Week 4

Week 4 what?  How did that happen?

Monday - Well, today I dead lifted 85lbs. and although the prescribed weight was your body weight, I am still pretty durned proud of myself.  P.S.  box jumps are a bit harder after you do dead lifts, just in case you were wondering.  Also, getting up after the Niner's lost and when my state worker husband has the day off was challenging, but I did it and had a personal best.  Woot!

Tuesday - Seriously, if I ever master the Clean I will jump for joy.  It's kind of like this:

...except its the weightlifting version.  I actually feel like a champion runner in CrossFit, even though I'm not.  But I was happy to run 6 100m sprints today.  Hear that?  Happy.

Wednesday - OK I'm just going to be real with you.  Today sucked.  I am so frustrated that I can't seem to get my body to cooperate in these weightlifting techniques.  I have always felt a bit awkward in movements like these and sticking my butt out is seriously a new concept to me.  I really have to think about it.  Today I felt like the girl at the back of the class who stands there and watches everyone else and once she figures it out, its already done.  And also, burpees are the bane of my existence.  The end.

Thursday - Today was better than yesterday and my arms are incredibly sore.  I had my first experience with ball squats, which were fun but difficult after dead lifts and some other arm weight technique that I can't remember the name of.  Push-ups are hard after all of that too.

Friday - Long story short: Sometimes shiz happens and you end up not going to CF.  So much for the 5 day streak I was hoping for.

P.S.  My 30 days are still active so I will be bringing you a Week 5 diary too!

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  1. That picture made me laugh .... alot! Proud of you for sticking to it!


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