CrossFit Diary - Week 3

Yeah!  I made it through week 3!  (Here are week 1 and week 2 in case you missed them).
Week 3 diary begins NOW.

Monday - I seriously considered not getting out of bed today. I actually set two alarms, a CrossFit alarm and a regular wake up time alarm.  After CrossFit alarm sounded I laid there for a LONG time.  Eventually what got me out of bed was a thought about my terrible eating over the weekend.  I was like a garbage disposal, for realz.  So I went, and it was good.  Dare I say a little too easy?  I'm noticing where I can and should be adding additional weight.  I'm also loving it when there is any type of running involved in our daily work-out.  Running?  I can do that.

Tuesday - Have I mentioned it's hard to get out of bed?  Some encouragement from my husband this morning got me going (thanks honey!).  Our work-out of the day today was with a partner and included no weights. This made me glad, but it was a challenge.  I liked working with a partner and was happy to have a funny and encouraging person to do the work-out with.  Oh yeah, my soreness has seemed to dissipate.  I'm still sore here and there, but I don't require daily Advil anymore.  I also learned not to wear my ring to CrossFit, because my finger turned purple.  No pain, just purple.

Wednesday - A weird thing happens after 30.  Sometimes you wake up in the night and the little man in your mind and body is like "Let's PAR-TAY!" and you're like, "heck no, I have CrossFit in the morning, I have work, shut-up, I'm trying to sleep!".  And it goes on like this until you (finally) fall back to sleep like an hour before your alarm goes off.  And then you go "I am way to tired and have way too much to do at work tomorrow, I HAVE to sleep more".  And you do.  And you miss CrossFit.

Thursday - Well I made it.  I was asleep on the couch by 8:00 so crashing early helped.  Today's workout felt.....dare I again say....easy?!  I must need to add more weight.

Friday - Well that's what  get for saying some of this weeks workouts were easy.  Today's was hard.  But, I did it!  Even though the 6am class started before I finished, I freaking finished.  Also, I learned those crazy pull-ups that bum a girl out are actually called kippings (not "kiplings").  Blerg.  I did it today, all of it, and that feels good.

Week 3 - 4 days done.  Rack it!

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  1. That's my girl...stick with it! Your push ups during the game looked great!!

    1. If Anonymous is Mom, thanks Mom. If Anonymous is Beezelbum I hope you get up at 5am with me and go!!


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