CrossFit Diary - Week 2

In case you missed it, CrossFit and I are becoming friends.  Here is my Week 2 diary......

Monday - Yay, I finally felt better and was ready to go.  I even decided to set my alarm 10 minutes earlier in an attempt to obey the rule of my gym to "be early".  I got in bed an set my alarm set for 4:20.....PM.  FAIL.  I woke up at 5:45 said "shizzle" or something to that effect, and chalked up another missed day.  Bummer.  Alas, it may have been good to give my body one more day of rest anyway, wouldn't want a repeat sickness like last week.

Tuesday - I think the hardest part of working out is getting up and getting dressed.  Once you do that you're in.  I succeeded in setting my alarm for 4:20 AM, rolled out of bed and headed to CrossFit with a cup of peppermint tea.  I arrived early, check!  The workout went by quickly as usual.  Box jumps, what?!  I loved them.  That said I started with stacked weights instead of an actual box cause I'm a newbie still.  I'm ready for the box next time for sure.  This is the part of CrossFit I love, the desire to challenge myself.  It appears the soreness factor has reduced, but I still took Advil upon arriving at work.

Wednesday - Getting out of bed was hard, I broke the rule and was a tad late, oops.  I was not as sore, but still a little sore.  I learned some new lifting technique, which seems to happen frequently, CrossFit is my first real experience with weights.  I'm still stoked to go, so that is good.

Thursday - Oh Thursday.  I have a hard time at not being good at things immediately upon trying them. The truth is, I'm doing just fine, but often when I try something new I start to feel a bit discouraged when the newness wears off.  That is how I felt today.  For whatever reason I was kinda bummed and felt challenged. My body feels OK but my lady hands are pretty raw from attempting kiplings.  Nothing like some crazy pull-up to bum a girl out.

Friday -  I made it 4 days!  Some of those Thursday blues stuck with me, but the good thing is I'm aware that I am my own worst enemy.  I accept responsibility for bumming myself out!  The other good part is I dragged my butt out of bed on a Friday and came in, so yeah!

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