West Yellowstone - Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center (aka There is No Such Thing as The Bad Wolf!)

Once Upon A Time......
I read The Munchkin a book called Three Little Pigs*.  It was his favorite book.  We read it.
And then.  All we heard about was The Bad Wolf.
"What if The Bad Wolf is in there?"
"Is The Bad Wolf outside?"
"What about The Bad Wolf?"

That darned bad wolf!  We stopped reading the book.
But still, the requests continued, "I want to read The Bad Wolf Book tonight" (little pigs who?).
We told him we threw the book away because it scared him.
He persisted.
We still haven't read it.

He still talks about the bad wolf....two years later.
So, we talk about how The Bad Wolf is NOT REAL.  We tell alternative stories of The Bad Wolf, how he's misunderstood, how he only wanted to be friends with the piggies, but his allergies kept making him blow the house down - by accident!

But all along, I couldn't wait to get The Munchkin back to West Yellowstone, to the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, so he could see some REAL wolves in action.  And Grizzlies.  And Birds.

The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is a non-profit wildlife park and educational facility.  For various reasons, the animals at the facility cannot survive in the wild and "serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts".  If you visit Yellowstone, I highly recommend a stop here.  You will likely not see a Grizzly or Wolf in the park - in 5 visits we have seen two grizzlies (from very far away) and zero wolves.  The Discovery Center will give you the opportunity to see all of them, up close but safely too.

Check out the feet on that guy!

We called ahead to find out when the wolves were being fed.  (Grizzlies are fed every hour, the wolves are on another schedule.)  It was SO worth it to see this!

I would recommend getting there early to grab a spot by the window in the viewing house area.
After waiting awhile, this guy came out and dumped a bunch of salmon in the enclosure stream.

And then we watched.
And the wolf watched us.

And then....within just a few seconds, the wolf caught one!

This was seriously one of the highlights of our trip.  It was so cool to watch.

Oh yeah, did I mention they have grizzlies too?

And birds...

Like any good day in the woods, we ended ours with S'mores.

We think this boy "gets" the wolf now.
We hope.

We had many great adventures on our road trip.  I plan to bring them to you in segments over the next few weeks or so.  I hope you enjoy!!

P.S.  Being the professional blogger that I am (er...un-professional), I remembered my camera!
But I didn't charge the battery.  Blerg.  All of these pics in this post are compliments of my mamasita. Thanks mom!

*This is an affiliate link.  If you click it and buy something you're helping TCW.  Thanks!

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