Cool Thing Friday #6 - Guess what? You don't have to be Supermom!


This weeks cool thing came to me via a Facebook friend.  This blogger mom's post about motherhood, womanhood, life and all of its imagined pressures was enlightening and funny.

Guess what ladies?  Supermom does not exist!
And we should all stop trying to be her now.

Ironically I was just talking to a friend about this.  I told her I feel like there are about 5 things that are important to me in life and I can seem to manage 4 of them really well.  The last "thing" always seems to fall by the wayside.  If I'm doing good working out, my house is dirty.  If my house is clean, I'm not working out. This post made me realize, all of that is probably OK.  I'm not perfect, so why do I put so much pressure on myself?

So, the next time you come for dinner I promise the food will be good but there is probably going to be dog hair on the floor.  Truth.

You can read the full post here.

Happy Friday!!!

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