June Favorites

 Adventures of an almost 40 year old intern via Better After - DIY Painted Striped Rug - This is cute, but looks cumbersome!

 Design Sponge - Bike Picnic - Would you expect anything less from moi?

Hello awesome bike trolley thing!  
And the wall stencil just looks neat-o.  
But this Chobani Chart, hello!

Picture She Makes & Bakes - Salted Caramel Brownies - I think I already discussed my love for salted caramel.  I still love it.

Chalkboard backsplash.  The Hunted Interior - Chalkboard Love - There is some chalkboard awesomeness in this post, but I especially love this backsplash.

window seat from ikea cabinets Centsational Girl - Window Seat from Ikea Cabinets - Just more proof of Ikea's awesomeness.
Post image for Crushing On > Interview with Brian Samuels of A Thought for Food Foodie Crush - Interview with Brian Samuels of A Thought for Food - This guy just seemed like a nice dude.

 Simply Scratch - Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies - Um.  Is it possible for me to reach into the screen and eat one?  Now?

LemonMeltaways1finalforsite Lemon Meltaways Dessert for Two - Lemon Meltaways - My Step-Mom used to buy these in a box - do you remember Lemon Coolers?  I loved those things.

Cheddar Bacon Bread Heather Christo Cooks - Cheddar Bacon Bread - Speaking of Bacon, first Heather Christo did this....
BLT Sandwich "all dressed up" Heather Christo Cooks - BLT Sandwich All Dressed Up - ...and then she went and did this.

Have a nice day, I'm off to the store to buy bacon!

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