Glencoe Grand Prix...and a house tour

It's been a bit since this race happened, but a beautiful day with bikes is always worth sharing.

Glencoe, IL is north of Chicago and was the site for day 2 of the USA crit series (day one being the Lake Bluff Twilight Crit).  We arrived at the start/finish to watch the kids race and who was there but Matthew Modine!

He spent a lot of time passing out foam fingers and smiling for pictures with kids.

He was a little upstaged by Mr. Incredible though, just sayin'.

A little birdie we know took the kids race title again! Woot-woot!

The course was closer to a circuit than a crit being more than a mile around.

The Cyclist & his fanclub
We spent the race walking the course which allowed me plenty of time too drool over daydream about these beautiful old homes with giant lots.

Or maybe a smaller version of the house but with the big lot, someday.

I also occasionally caught some cycling shots.

The Cyclist did a great job racing smart, staying tucked in near the front and not chasing any breaks (a no-no when you are sans teammates).

It must have been that pre-race deep thought.

We walked the course and enjoyed the scenery...

Oops.  Oh yeah, there's a race going on...

Ohhh....look at that one!

Stop!  Corner ahead!  I am glad the over-zealous block captain made sure we stood 30 feet away from the curb.

I guess that's better than letting people cross the street in front of the bikes.  Because they will.

Return to daydream....

Hey!  When did those guys get away?!

Oh crapola!  The race is about to finish...

I don't know who won.  

But The Cyclist ended up somewhere near 13th, which put him in the money, but not enough to buy our dream house.  More like entry fee returned + $5.  But hey, I'll take $5 to spend a day at the races.

What does your dream house look like?

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  1. oh gosh, these are all great action shots. and that house and garage are absolutely adorable!!!
    xo TJ


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