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The Scoop - I was excited when I found this recipe because it looked so much tastier (and healthier) than most crock-pot dishes.  Also, I thought it would be a great meal for the night I do my FIT track workout.  I made it and I was dying to come home and eat it.
The Verdict - Dare I say it was a little bit....bland?!  Seems weird right?!  With such savory and colorful spices like turmeric I didn't think bland was possible.  But it was hearty and tasty after a long workout.
The Fix - If you make this, add more of the spice blend and more salt and some pepper.
Mentionables - I did not use thighs, because I only had boneless skinless breasts; this switch worked fine and the chicken was nice and juicy.  I didn't use the canned corn cobs, instead I got a frozen veggie blend from Trader Joe's that already had the corncobs and some other good stuff

Photo via Pinterest

The Scoop - Wow was this good!  I can't wait to make this pesto for a bunch of other stuff.  The flavor of it really made the pizza.  I've also never roasted eggplant and I like this method a lot for a quick cook.  
The Verdict - YUM!  I will totally make this again. 
Mentionables - I didn't use naan, instead I made this on a fresh (not pre-cooked) pizza crust and made one big pizza instead of individuals.  I also didn't use fresh mozzarella (although that would have been amazing), instead I used what I had which was basic shredded mozzarella.  Last, we had some prosciutto, so I topped it with a bit of that.  We thought the salty-ness of the prosciutto added to the overall flavor.  
Disclaimer - I didn't find this on Pinterest.  I found it on the blog and pinned it to Pinterest myself.
Photo via Pinterest
Lemon & Dill Chicken                  
The Scoop - I bought dill at the farmer's market and I had a bunch of tasty Meyer lemons in my fridge, so I was looking for something to make.  I searched "lemon, dill" on Pinterest and this popped up.    The Verdict - This was a healthy recipe and it was tasty.  The Cyclist is not a fan of dill, but he liked this a lot.  Mine did not look like the picture, but still tasted good.
The Fix - You may not need this fix sauce wasn't thickening as I thought it should, so I added a few sprinkles of Wondra.
Mentionables - Pinterest wasn't the first place I looked.  I searched the same thing on the Whole Food's recipe app and all I was coming up with were seafood dishes.  I knew I wanted to use chicken and I thought it was weird I couldn't find any "chicken, lemon, dill" recipes.....but there on Pinterest it popped right up. 

More Pinspiration coming soon!
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