Valentine's Day, what say you?

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  What are your thoughts on this holiday?

Is it really a holiday or a Hallmark creation?

Personally, I'm for showing love everyday, but being a newlywed I'm having fun with it this year.  I am also blessed to have a little sprinkle of Valentine all the time (thank you The Cyclist, xoxo).

Although, I must admit I hated Valentine's Day as a single person; it's just rough living in a world of hearts and smooches when you don't have someone to share it with.  What I just wrote above would have made me groan.

Anyway, I think that's just how it is - fun when you're with someone, stressful when you're not sure, and sucky when you're single.  So, don't just spread the love to your your main squeeze today, but share it with everyone who you love.  And in the mean time, let's enjoy some tongue in cheek valentine's from somee cards, shall we?

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  1. Hands-down a Hallmark creation. I forbid Scott to buy my anything. We eat dinner at home and I make some sweet treats for the family. We try and celebrate love, kindness and appreciation as a family everyday. To me, Valentine's Day is just a fun excuse to wear red, and dangly heart earnings (and to stay up until midnight making Valentine's cards for my daughters's class).


  2. I'm with you Amber! I can't wait to do Valentine's cards for the kiddos!

  3. Oh, and by the way...

    Those cards are HILARIOUS! So awesome!!

  4. haha, this had me cracking up. loved the last one! adorable!!
    xo TJ


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