Cool Thing Friday #5 - Happy News, New Teeth & Burning Man

Don't you like it when a bad story turns out good?  That's what happened here.
This dude

photo via

was riding his bike when some jackholes thought it would be fun to throw a cone at him.
Not cool.
He crashed, got a concussion and busted out his front teeth.
His friends started a Facebook campaign to get him some new choppers, good job friends.
Then a dentist stepped forward and said he'd do the work under the condition that the friends donate the money raised to a charity.  The dentist hopes the charity will be the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as his daughter suffers from the disease.
The best part of this is what the dentist said, dude is still smiling!
Bad news turned good is always a cool thing!  You can read the full story here.

But wait!  I've got another cool thing for you!
Ariel Burning Man photos!  (All pics are from here).

As a past attendee I like to say everyone should go to Burning Man at least once.
It really is more than just a freak show in the desert.

Well.  Sort of.
What was most impressive to me about Burning Man was the amount of work put into it.
It really is an entire city that pops up in the desert, and then disappears.

There's lots of great artwork too.

There are more photos in the link above.

Happy 3 Day Weekend!
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