Cool Thing Friday - Place Hacking + more!


Hey friends, I have a Cool Thing Friday mash-up for you today.

First up:  Place Hacking


This is a great slideshow of people who "place hack" or find adventure in off-limits or forbidden places.  As someone who has always been curious about abandoned buildings and no-trespassing spaces, this really intrigued me.


I'll leave those involving heights to The Cyclist though.


The slideshow also reminded me of this great 99% Invisible episode.  Someday I'm going to Heyoon.
You can see all of the images here.

Speaking of crazy ridiculous photos....


The fact that the photog caught this shot and the fact that the surfer actually did this?!  Amazing.

Oh.  Remember when I told you about Hank and his bus?

Well, Remodelista is only just telling you about it.  I'm pointing this out purely so I can say:
You heard it here first!

Wow.  I'm sorry.  Let's just forget I did that OK?

Last but not least:  Who doesn't love Kate and her volleyball-playing-in-heels self?


One more thing, I forgot to give you the coupon code for the Must Have box!  You can find it the original post here.

That's it!  Happy Friday

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