Spooky {and easy} Halloween Treat - Mummy Dogs!

Hi Friends,

We had a Halloween party last weekend with a Halloween food contest.  My husband kindly told me "they know you have a food blog so it'd better be something good!".  No pressure or anything.  To be honest my time was lacking and I wanted to make something easy.  I don't usually do theme food because it seems complicated and freaks me out, like I'll make it, it won't turn out, then I'll have nothing to bring!  Eeeek!
But, thanks to Pinterest I found something easy and fun!

That's right peeps!  #mummydogs!!  The Pinterest links are here and here.

Although a bit time consuming, these were easy and tasty - who doesn't like a spooky version of pigs-in-a-blanket??

As many hot dogs as you want (I used 16.  Soy dogs would also work, or veggie dogs, you get it.)
Pillsbury Crescent Roll Dough (I used 1 large can and two small ones, there was a sale, the big guys had run out)

How To:
You can cut your mummy men into actual little men with arms and legs, but this works best if you're using a whole hot dog.  If you want to make this more of an appetizer, you can cut your dogs in half, forget about the arms and legs and just wrap the top and bottom with dough leaving eye holes.  (Check out the Pinterest links for more descriptive photos.)  Making half a dog with arms and legs was a bit tricky and some of those were not presentable and therefore had to be eaten.
Cut your un-cooked dogs.
Unwrap your dough.  I cut the dough into long skinny slices and rolled it between my hands.
Wrap and wrap and wrap your mummies!  Don't worry about it being perfect, it doesn't matter.
Cook on a baking sheet according to dough instructions*
Use ketchup or mustard on a toothpick for the eyes.
Serve up the mummy dudes.

*My Pillsbury package said to use an un-greased cooking sheet.  I would spray the cooking sheet lightly so your mummies don't stick.

Have a Spooky Day!

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    1. Thanks! Hey I made your Weeknight Pan Roasted Chicken recently and it was soooo good! I'm planning to feature it soon with some of my other new favorite recipes. :)


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