November Favorites

This is another idea that I stole.

Last month, Amber at The Tasty Alternative did a "Monthly Round-Up" where she featured her favorite stuff from around the web for that month, including my Spicy Pumpkin Hummus (thanks Amber!).

I thought to myself "Hmmm....what a great idea".  And I started collecting links to stuff that I saw around the web that interested me.  Below are the links and my comments.  I hope you enjoy!

And a note before we begin....I hope to do these at the end of each month.  For December, I may do two, in case I find any Christmas goodies (it would be weird to share those after Christmas, right?)


 The Vintage Mixer - Steel Cut Oats in a Jar with Berries - Uh Yum!  And what a great idea for a girl on the go!

 Georgia Pellegrini - Homemade gift idea, Chinese 5 Spice Blend - This is really pretty and useful.  Gifts like this are fun I think.

 Eat Live Run - Asian Chicken Noodle Soup - I can't wait to make this!  I am not a fan of regular chicken noodle, but this looks super good!

Delighted Momma - Skin Care Tip of the Week - OK, so this tip of the week is how to take care of blackheads.  But, the real gems are the links she gives to other tips of the week like how to make your own exfoliant (add baking soda to your face wash?!) and how to make your own clay mask.  Nice!  I love stuff like this!

Mix Mingle & Glow via Shutterbean - 38 Random Acts of Kindness - I ♥'d this so much.  It is absolutely what I want to do for my next birthday.  Wonderful idea.

 The Tasty Alternative - Gift of Tea - Such a cute (and useful) (and cost effective) gift idea from Amber.  I very well may be copying this for Christmas!

 Etsy Blog - Green Shipping Materials for the Holiday's - It's always a good idea to look for green shipping methods!

 Roost - A Harvest Gift - Spiced Ginger Cakes & Rosemary Apple Butter - Another beautiful homemade gift idea.

IMG_0026 Joy The Baker - Apple Pomegranate Brussels Sprout Salad - OK.  Raves!  Coco made this and passed the recipe to me, I made it and we gobbled it up.  I passed the recipe to a co-worker who loved it too.  This is a fabulous (and pretty) Fall salad that is SO GOOD.  And a nifty way to eat Brussels Sprouts!  Totally recommend this one!

 A Cup of Jo - Wildflower Ice Cubes - Feelin' Fancy?  Here's an idea for you!  You can do it with mint too.

Etsy Blog - Etsy Success Product Photography For Beginners - A product photography video.  Yeah.  I need to watch this still!  Fail.

 The Tasty Alternative - 4 Easy Steps To Get You Up & Gardening This Winter - Another one from Amber!  A great and realistic approach to making a winter garden.

 Eat Live Run - Chewy Caramel Apple Chip Cookies - Oh my.  I made these this week after searching everywhere for the caramel baking pieces.  (I finally found them.  At Target!).  These cookies are chewy and delicious.  I hope you make them too!

 Georgia Pellegrini - Fun Holiday Decorating Idea - I ♥ Mason Jars.  They were a part of my wedding.  They are a part of our glasses cupboard.  They are awesome.  And I thought this was a cute and easy idea.  Yes, they use Kerr jars.  But whatev, you get the idea.

 What's Gaby Cooking - Basil Buttered Garlic Bread - Um Yum.  I think my comment to this post said it all.  "Garlic & Basil?  I ♥ you."  I haven't made it yet.  But I will.

 Emily Henderson - Holiday Gift Giving Guide - Emily brings us a neat-o clickable gift giving guide with lots of cool stuff.  Check it out.
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  1. Hello Sarah,

    Happy to provide some inspiration! I LOVE your collection! I just read about the 38 random acts of kindness. So great! It's a fun way to gather the posts that really made an impression. Great job. Can't wait to see all your Iron(Wo)men pictures!


  2. this is all so fabulous! especially the oats and berries and basil buttered garlic. it's making me hungry!! ;)
    xo TJ

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm glad you enjoyed! I'm working on a mid-December favorites with Holiday goodies and and end-December with more favorites!


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