10 Reasons You Should Follow Me on Pinterest

  1. I'm just trying to help a girl (or dude) out.  I'm terrible at asking for stuff.  Really.  I would make the worst possible salesperson..."oh you're not interested, OK, have a nice day!"  I want you to follow me because I think I can help you streamline your pins and only grab stuff that's worth pinning.
  2. I test the links!  Don't you hate it when you pin something and it goes....nowhere.  So annoying!   If the link doesn't take me back to the original post, I don't pin it.  What's the point of pinning a recipe if you don't have the recipe?  Follow me, re-pin my pins and you don't have to worry about that.
  3. I test the pins!  That's right.  I'm not just pinning my heart away.  I'm actually trying out a lot of the stuff I'm pinning.  I just started a Pinterest Project Complete! board, you can check out my "done" pins there and see what I thought.  Sometimes I also blog about things that have Pinspired me.
  4. I pin stuff any normal human can do.  I am not Martha, far from it.  I have limited time to complete projects. When I cook dinner after working 8 hours it better be easy, healthy and good.  If something looks too complicated, I probably won't pin it.
  5. My boards are organized.  Looking for a good dessert recipe?  Check out my Food! {Sweet Tooth} board. Looking for a way to cute up your kids room?  Check out my Kids Rooms board.  Want to DIY some beauty stuff?  Check out my DIY Natural Beauty board.
  6. I'm a picky pinner.  If the picture is terrible, I probably won't pin it.  Unless it is some ridiculously good sounding thing or cool easy craft, but otherwise, you won't see junk on my boards.
  7. I'm kind of a pin freak.  I pin a lot, so there is always new stuff popping up if you follow me.
  8. My pins have variety.  Looking for a new kitchen?  Like Labs?  Want some natural cleaning tips? Looking for somewhere to go?  I love food, but it's not the only thing I pin.  :)
  9. Let's get to know each other!  Otherwise, I might not see what cool stuff you're pinning, but if you follow me I will!
  10. It'll be fun!  Really, I promise.
So let's do this thing!
Click here and follow me!

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