Kids Books of Late #1

I have shared what I'm reading before but I thought it would be fun to share what I'm reading to The Munchkin too.  Following is a list of some of our favorites......

Trash Trucks by Daniel Kirk - This is most definitely a favorite of ours.  Daniel Kirk is an amazing illustrator and the rhyming and diction of the words in this book makes it fun to read.  Also, I would like to personally thank Mr. Kirk for making it easy for me to teach The Munchkin who Mona Lisa is.  Another great Daniel Kirk book is Moondogs.
Looking for more books by Daniel Kirk, we came across The Diggers by Margaret Wise Brown (the book is illustrated by Daniel Kirk).  Margaret Wise Brown is probably most famous for Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny, but let me just say, this lady has an amazing collection of books!  They are all very different and The Munchkin becomes enraptured by all of them.  There is something about her prose that is settling and comfortable.  Here are some of our other favorite Margaret Wise Brown books....
Bunny's Noisy Book

Margaret Wise Brown has a TON of books and they are probably all worth reading.  If you find one, grab it!

A Lot of Otters by Barbara Berger - We found this book by accident just before a trip to Monterey, which was perfect because we actually saw some Otters.  This story is really sweet and calming.

Night Pirates by Peter Harris - This is a really fun book with a creatively designed layout.  The story is fun and interesting and I especially like that the pirate ship is run by a group of girls.

So, these are a few of our favorite bedtime stories!  Do you have any favorites at your house?  If so, please share!

♥TCW & The Munchkin

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  1. What great suggestions...can't wait to pick those up! Miller currently wants to read The Berenstain Bears books. They are more geared towards young school aged kids but he loves them. His favs are The Sitter, Go to the Doctor, Trouble with Friends, Messy Room and Too Much Vacation.

    1. Hey Rebecca! It's funny I was just talking about the Bearnstein Bears yesterday. I loved those as a kid! I'll have to grab a couple of those on our next trip to the library.


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