Kayak Fishing.....and in other news....

Remember my Summer Bucket List?  Well I kicked a bunch of items off of it this summer, but I still haven't shared all of them with you yet.  And, since it's still 90 degrees here in Northern California, I think I have time to kick off the remaining items....even though it is technically now fall.  However, I feel I get a pass until the weather actually turns fall.

But let's talk about another Bucket List item check!  

Go Fishing in the Kayak

Check.  So let's start by talking about the current.  My eyes were having trouble adjusting or something.  As I was being swept downstream by the current, all while yelling at The Cyclist to "waaatch ouuuttt!!  You're going to run into my boat!!!", not realizing that he was anchored and not actually moving....well I felt dizzy.  It just really seemed like I was the one who wasn't moving.  It still makes me dizzy to think about it.  Darn current.

Once we got settled fishing did happen.  I didn't fish because I don't have a license, I brought a book instead....it's probably a good thing I did.

I think the other fisherman were probably getting annoyed with my picture taking and screaming about being crashed into.  So after this nerdy shot of me, I stuck my nose in my book and stayed quiet.

I think maybe it's against protocol to allow wives fishing....

Thanks for taking me Cyclist!  At least I got another check on my bucket list!!

We didn't catch anything that day, but in the last two weeks this has happened:

So needless to say, we've been eating lots of good salmon!!  Yipee!!

I will be sharing a delicious salmon cake recipe shortly!  

In the meantime, we ate grilled salmon last night using this delicious recipe.  You can find cedar planks here.

And in other news....today is my 35th birthday.  I'm not too sure how I feel about this other than old.  But I don't really feel old.  The number 35 just seems old.  I'm told that now whenever I get around to getting pregnant, my pregnancy will be deemed "geriatric", which sounds bad enough until my OB friend told me last night it will actually be called "elderly".  Additionally, another friend reminded me it was 20 years ago that we all used to go to soccer practice together.

So, cheers to being assigned an old number but feeling young, 35 being elderly in certain arenas and being able to say you did something 20 years ago.

Have a delightful day!


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  1. Recipe sounds yummy! Love the take on turning 35! Think about how it feels to be the Mom of a 35 year old but feel 35 at the same time!

  2. Happy birthday lady! I was thinking about you on Monday. Hope you had a fabulous day! Those salmon are huge - nice work! Jen T


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