February Favorites Fix

So, if you read my post last week you already know that I experienced some sort of Leap Day curse, finding my February Favorites Post was BLANK!!!  What a bummer.  Anyway, I've re-compiled everything I can remember here.  Anything else has been lost to the blogosphere.  :(

I hope you enjoy!!

 Bev Cooks - White Spinach Cheese Dip - I ♥ cheese.  And this looked good!

  Isabella & Max Rooms - Chalkboard China - This link takes you to the blog post where I found these, which then takes you to where they are being sold.  But, I think you could totally DIY these.

homemade-snickerdoodle-pie-recipe-6  Mountain Mama Cooks - Snickerdoodle Pie - I originally found this via another site.....but I don't remember which one (darn deleted blog post!).  But, based on the snickerdoodle love in our house, we're bound to love this too.

  Little Friends Blog - Underwater Series "Ruff Water" - How do you not love these?  I want Otis to pose.

  Shutterbean - Earl Grey Chocolate Cake - My first reaction was "eww". Then "oh".  I think this would probably be tasty!

  Design Sponge - Braided Extension Cord - To be perfectly honest I saw this the first time and thought it was some weird art piece.  Then I saw it again on another blog and realized what it was....then I thought, "that would be great to hang..." one of these:

I really like these lights but I hate the hanging cord.....then I realized the braided cord would be a fix for a Pinspiration project I have in mind....
Grey, green & blue
...which when The Munchkin sees it he says "balls".  Anyway, this is how my mind works.  Now you know.

 A Cup of Jo - Bike Bag - This is a sweet idea.  I totally need one of these, my hand signaling is terrible.

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