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Those of you hooked up to my Facebook Page, probably saw my February Photo A Day album (if you're not following me on Facebook, please "like" me).  This is a really cool project from FatMumSlim where she publishes a list of things to take photos of (one for each day)...

...which you then share on Twitter using the hashtag #febphotoaday.  (If you aren't following me on Twitter, please start! @TheCyclistsWife).

Here are some of my #febphotoaday favs:

3.  Hands

18.  Drink

27.  Something you ate

There is a new photo a day for March (#marchphotoaday)....

...which I'll also be participating in.  I have a goal to do everyday this time!!  Here is my favorite so far:

1.  Up

In addition to these photo a day lists, Amy at She Wears Many Hats has started a Share the Shot series  (you can see my addition by clicking that link).

So, why am I talking about all this?  Well, I'm loving the idea of having a mini photo project I can do each day.  It adds a little creativity boost and it's fun.  So I'll be sharing this stuff here with you and I hope you enjoy.  I also hope my photography skilz start to improve.  

I'll be posting my purple shots for Share the Shot #3 in the next couple of days.

Have a beautifully photographic day!

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