Cool Thing Friday #11 - Babies and Boobies

So, it's National Breastfeeding month.

Considering that, maybe we should start the month off by awarding this teen barista at Starbucks.

Here is a breastfeeding chart with some interesting facts...

Way to go CA, OR & ID!

I don't really understand why breastfeeding has seemed to be such a big deal in the news lately.  I saw something that said we should stop calling it breastfeeding and start calling it baby-feeding....we aren't feeding our breasts anyway, right?  Would people really be less freaked out if we said "I'm baby feeding" instead of "I'm breastfeeding"?  Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing people.  Really.  Let's not make it sexual just because boobs are involved, OK?  It is about feeding and nourishing a baby in the best and most healthy way available.  That is all.

How about this Dad and his baby?

You can check out his awesome photo series here.

Dang girl. And Dad.  I don't know how keen I'd be on my husband if he filmed my labor on a GoPro!  In a parking lot no less!

A Cup of Jo is doing her Motherhood Around the World series again, it's so intriguing, I'm loving it!

Is it  just me or does this seem like a terrible idea for welcoming a new baby home?  I suppose I should consider the source.  Just sayin'.

Loving these photos, this blended family and this adorable baby.

Sorry, but this weirds me out.  What a family dynamic!

Last but not least, we had some amazing family pictures (and maternity photos) taken a few weeks ago!

If you are in the Sacramento area and looking for a photographer, please call Tina Norton and tell her I sent you!

Cheers to babies & boobies on this Friday!


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