The First Trimester

Well, here I sit at nearly 19 weeks and the belly has begun to pop.  So far I think being pregnant is really a wonderful and exciting thing.  That said I have been incredibly lucky to feel so normal, completely skipping nausea and all of the yucky first trimester stuff.  The biggest thing I can complain about are headaches here and there but all in all they're not even worth complaining about.

Some changes since my last prego post....we know what we're having now...

Blue or Pink,
What do you think?
Pink or Blue, 
What say you?

If you said pink,
you had a good think!
We are thrilled to announce
news of our daughter.

With Love,
Baby O's Mother & Father

Yep!  It's a girl.  We are so thrilled.  We had a little gender reveal party with our parents...everyone guessed girl and they were right, as told by the cake.

By the way, I used this recipe and didn't color the frosting or add coconut and strawberries to the top.

So, are any of you wondering how we already know what we're having?  Well.  When you're an old lady (36=old by pregnant standards) you get access to magic new genetics tests.  Instead of a scary amnio (which I would have refused on personal grounds), I was offered a simple blood draw.  That's right, two little vials of blood and from that they could tell us all sorts of things, including the sex, to a very high level of accuracy. Woot!  (Here is the test info, in case you're curious.)  Most importantly we had normal results and then came time to decide if we wanted to know what we had happening.....and we did!  Cheers to pink, tu-tu's, dolls and coloring!

Once we knew for sure we were pregs, I bought two things:

I like What to Expect...because it gives straightforward answers and covers each week in a short paragraph. The glossary is also easy to use.

You may remember me talking about Pea to Pumpkin before.  This little journal is a gem.  It is filled with prompts that make it easy to keep a cute record of your pregnancy and the illustrations are so sweet.  This would make a great gift for a newly prego lady, or you should buy it for yourself.  I'm so glad I did.

All in all things are great!  Because I like to talk about food and decor, you'll hear prego talk from me again at the start of trimester #3 (like whoa!).

Cravings:  Grape jelly, peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, frozen yogurt.
Weird smells: Chicken broth (eww).
Feeling:  Fab!

♥ TCW + Bump

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  1. You look great, Sarah! So excited for you both. Enjoy the pregnancy. It really flies by. I can't believe Ethan turns 5 tomorrow!


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