Cool Thing Friday #8 - POPSUGAR Must Have Box {May}

Today's cool thing is the POPSUGAR Must Have Box.  We've talked about the Must Have Box before.  I don't know about you but I still think it's wonderful to get good things in your mailbox!

Unfortunately moving 3 times in six months means our stuff keeps getting lost in the mail.  Thankfully this box of goodness was sent to our first stop of address changes (aka Mom's house) so I was was able to get it back quickly.  Yay!

Let's open it, shall we?

Lot's of goodies!!

To begin, these fancy black out eyemask.  I am totally intrigued by this thing.  I always imagine these as something fancy ladies wear with silk robes trimmed in fur.  I will try it and report back.
More importantly Kerry Cassill makes really beautiful bedding and linens, you should click the link and check it out.

This looks like something to do after I deliver this baby.  Right now pre-natal yoga, walking and sleep are my friends.

I would be up for this right now.....

Let's see what's next!

Ohhhhh, beauty supplies!

Let's talk about perfume.  I have such trouble with perfume.  What smells like beautiful flowers or cinnamon on you will probably smell like sour old lady on me.  I don't know what it is but my body chemistry just does not agree with all scents.  Needless to say, I was skeptical.  This perfume says it smells like sunscreen on the beach. Guess what?  It actually smells like sunscreen on the beach on me!  I really like it a lot.  Score!

I have not had a pedi since February.....I've actually been polish free for quite awhile and it is an adjustment.  I love getting pedi's but I have been reluctant to breathe in a bunch of fumes while prego....even though a good foot and leg rub sounds decadent.  Since this is a vegan polish I figured, why not?  It's not my typical color, but it's fun and seems to be staying well.  Plus, I'm enjoying having polished toesies again.

Case in point.

Say hello to the Citrus Zinger.  This is a pretty clever idea.  The bottom of the bottle screws off and has a juicer.  You can "zing" your favorite citrus and screw it back on to the bottle, then fill the bottle with water and you have a fancy lemon water bottle.  I only wish the opening was bigger so adding ice would be easier.

Of course with drink we Must Have snacks.  These Skinny Sticks aren't skinny on taste.  They are actually really good and kid approved at our house too.

So there you have it!  If you are interested in subscribing to Must Have, please use the following coupon!

Offer: $10 off 3 month subscription
Ends: 6/7/14

Click here to order.

Happy Friday everyone!


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