Cool Thing Friday - It's a LIST!

TGIF peeps!

My husband, the State employee, gets a 3 day weekend.  I, do not.  Bummski.  It's OK though, because I have a whole list of cool things to share this happy Friday.

In October A Cup of Jo asked food bloggers what they eat for dinner when they're alone.  My go to is typically eggs, which is kind of a perfect food if you think about it.  Poached on greens?  Fancy and delish. Scrambled with cheese in a tortilla, add salsa?  I mean eggs + cheese + tortilla?!  Bring it!  Poached on toast with butter?  Even better.  But this Cacio e Pepe must be tried by me soon.....and of course the Apple Hand Pies (you know I love me some Salted Caramel!).

This study, that claims to link past and depression is NOT COOL.  Seriously, a delicious bowl of hot pasta will make me happy any day of the week.  I call bogus.

This Buzzfeed on a twenty-something party vs. a thirty-something party is beyond true.  It also makes me happy to be thirty-something.  (I found this on Shutterbean.)

Remember the awesomeness of the 80's?


Well I do.  And it was awesome.  What is most awesome in the photo above is of curse the radical girls up front.  But don't miss the sweet moustached, mulleted, running shorts, sunglassesonhisshirt guy right behind. And best of all?  They are in front of TAPE WORLD.  I want to go to Tape World.  This slideshow of Malls in the 80's is wicked.

Speaking of awesomeness, does anyone want to buy a table?

Last, but certainly not least, even more reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence.

Happy Friday!

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