Cool Thing Friday - Bike Theme

Let's start off the day with this.....


.....giant hovering roundabout for cyclists in the Netherlands.  This looks so fun!

I wonder what this cyclist, who draws images with his routes, would make with that ↑ roundabout?


Speaking of maps, are you planning to ride in San Francisco soon?
Check out this sweet SF bike map that is easy to read and understand (via JustAnotherCyclist).

Last, I feel I should mention that I'm aware the last few weeks I've only been bringing Cool Thing Friday posts.  I'm sorry friends.  I have lots of content to share!  In the next couple of weeks I intend to take you to the beach, make you a whiskey cocktail and show you my latest crafty project (which may require that whiskey be drunk first!) and lots of other good things!!

Happy Friday!

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