A few good things to start out the year....

Happy New Year everyone!  I know we're a week in but I'm still trying to get my barrings.
Anyone else with me on that?

My New Year's Eve morning started out with a good thing...

....this bottle of champagne on my porch from my awesome neighbors.  This seriously put a smile on my face.  It's nice to be surrounded by nice people.  Thank you neighbors! {You know who you are!}

This was followed by greeting The Cyclist at the airport after he'd been gone for 5 days.  Yet another good thing.

We then lickety-split headed up to Tahoe to spend NYE with good friends and good food.

If you don't have any friends from New Mexico, you should find some.  It means pozole and tamales.  That is a good thing.

Oh yes, the dogs got to join us too.  Good things all around.

We even made it to midnight!  This is a true feat for us over 30 peeps.

Waking up to Tahoe snow and sun is a good thing.

 A nice breakfast followed by a walk with the doggies is good too.

Luna thinks so.

Morning sun and a new camera is a good thing. {Thank you honey!}

After our morning walk, The Cyclist and I headed up for a view of Donner Lake before heading home.

I hope the start of this year is a sign of things to come.

Happy New Year to you!

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  1. Sarah, that is awesome; we love your articles. We also adore our neighbors, and are so glad the champagne put a little smile on your face! (after 5 days without the "cyclist", we are assured that was not the only smile you had on your face that day) =) There is plenty more Champagne where that came from, and we have lots of Martinelli's for Levi...xoxo


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