10 ways to know if you live in a cycling household

Since cycling season is officially upon us, I thought I'd help you determine if you really live in a cycling household.  Here are my top 10 clues:
  1. There are more bikes than people who live there.
  2. Asking "do you have a safety pin?" is not a real question.
  3. You know what a SAG Wagon is.
  4. The two most essential bathroom items are Butt Butter and Tegaderm.
  5. There is an entire closet or area for bike clothes, err kits.
  6. You should develop some type of new use for rubber with all the left-over tubes in your garage.
  7. The purchase of a new bike is similar to the purchase of a new wardrobe: they are often replaced seasonally.
  8. You know what a trainer is and it is set up somewhere in your house permanently.
  9. You are familiar with the layout of numerous business parks (crit racers) and underused mountainous roads (climbers) in a 100 square mile radius.
  10. You might have a child named after a pro cyclist, or you know someone who does.

Happy Racing!

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  1. one of my husband's riding buddies became a father to 'little Eddie', even tho the child's mom named him 'Will'. Eventually the kid grew up enough to put a stop to that nickname, but he's still 'little Eddie (Merckx)' to us!

    1. Ha! That's great. We can't talk, we have a Levi!


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