Jenner by the Sea {Part One}

For my old lady birthday in September The Cyclist surprised me with a secret weekend getaway.  I didn't really have any idea where we were going, except that it would be on the coast.  I was told what to pack and also put in charge of packing food.  There is nothing wrong with packing an enormous cooler just to hold "snacks" for two people....for two days...right?

We left on Saturday morning and began driving west.  Eventually we reached Petaluma and later Highway 1, where we began heading north.  Of course we passed an organized ride on the way...

For those of you who have never driven down Highway 1 in or around Northern California, do it if you ever get the chance.  Although the road is pretty sketchy, the views are fantastic.

After a bit more driving we reached our destination, Jenner, CA.

We stayed at the Jenner Inn & Cottages.  The hotel was a quaint, quiet and relaxing place that I was sad to leave.

Upon arrival we broke out some brie and wine (among other tasty items)......

....and enjoyed the beautiful view from our deck where the Russian River meats the Pacific.

The first day was a sunny one, so after our snack and view admiring, we made quick and headed to the beach!

We walked out to the point so The Cyclist could fish and I could snap photos.  Here is a birds eye view of where we you see us?

The point....

I love the ocean.

It is a beautiful and peaceful place.

This guy likes it too.

The sun began to set....

....and after we watched it go down, we headed to dinner at Cape Fear Cafe, which was tasty and delicious.  So good in fact, that I forgot to bring my camera or phone and did not take any photos.

Day two involved an awesome hike to the Pygmy Forest and all around Salt Point State Park, plus another fabulous meal (photos included this time).  So be sure to check back next week for Jenner By the Sea {Part Two}.

I reviewed all of the places we visited, just click the following links:
Jenner Inn & Cottages - Yelp, TripAdvisor
Cape Fear Cafe - Yelp, Urbanspoon

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  1. How sweet of N to surprise you with such an amazing weekend! You're one lucky girl my friend. Drop some hints on Scott will ya.

    And I LOVE your gorgeous photos, Sarah. Just lovely.

    Looking forward to part II



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