Where's the Pause Button?

Hi guy's.
It's me.
Over here.
Under all these photos.
And life.
And stuff.

Yeah so, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed lately.
I even have a blog post about feeling overwhelmed and it is still in draft form.  No.  Not kidding.

Anyway, in a state of exhaustion last night I attempted to start editing photos and realized I wasn't having any fun.  I love this blog and the best part about it is how much I enjoy doing it.  The fact that all of you enjoy reading it is like extra super good frosting on the cake.

So, with that said, I don't want to put up half-arsed posts and I don't want to not enjoy what I'm doing.  So I'm going to notice this feeling of being overwhelmed in a positive light and give myself a short blog-vacation!

I'll be back next week with new posts from travel to food and everything in between.  So have a great week and remember, it's cool to give yourself a break sometimes.  You deserve it!


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  1. Have a great trip this week. Do some dancing for me! :-)

  2. Woo hoo! Enjoy your vacation. And I'm your newest follower, from Coast to Coast. Excited to read more! :-)



  3. You definitely need to have those blogging breaks every now and again. And I think we are all feeling overwhelmed right now. Can't wait to see your posts next week ;)
    xo TJ


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