Pinispiration! Wall Art for The Munchkin

Hi Everyone!  I feel like life and photo editing have gotten in the way of this blog of late, my apologies!

Awhile ago I shared with you the start of a Pinspired project which I finally finished a couple of weeks ago.  If you remember, this is what Pinspired me:

The Munchkin was in serious need of some wall art for his room.  I saw this picture and thought "I can do that".  So I did!

I didn't do step by step photos, but here is some idea of my process....
I bought a pretty big canvas on sale and with a coupon from Michael's (actually, I bought two).  Using the picture above, I checked out different font in Word until I came up with something that looked close.  I then printed the numbers out big (like one per page).  Then I cut them out and taped them to my canvas (I painted the background first) and traced around them - I used my paintbrush to trace.  After tracing I filled the numbers in, still using the paintbrush.  I painted the 9 blue because if you ask The Munchkin anything about a number, the answer is always "niiiiiyyynnne" and if you ask him what color something is, the answer is always "booooooo", so this blue nine is for you Munchkin.  I used basic craft paint for the whole thing.  Everything else I painted free hand.  This is the first photo I shared...

After what took me much longer than I thought, I reveal to you the finished project!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the result.  It's not perfect, but that's OK because it's more special that I made it instead of bought it.  It looks cute in the room too.  

Strangely weird things happen with photo editing and paint color, it actually looks more like the color in the photo above.  Don't ask me!

What's pinspiring you??

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