Da Numba One

OK, so in all the extra time I have (insert sarcastic laughter here) I decided to start a blog. I suppose if you are reading this that is sort of obvious....

Anyway, The naggy person in my mind says I don't have time to really be doing this, but the creative me says "whatever" and so I've decided to add to the frenzy.

A comment on the blog title - I'm not the cyclist's wife quite yet. I am the cyclist's fiance but I have a terrible affliction to that word, fiance, I can't help but use my Muffy Rich Lady voice to say it - "Fi-on-say"....it just never comes out right. And, "The Cyclist's Fiance" just sounds dumb. Plus, the wedding date is less than 3 months away, so I figure I can claim the wife title for blog purposes now.

I hope to bring you a mish-mash of food, books, travel & training, all while I attempt to work 40 hours a week, plan a destination wedding, train for a half-marathon, be a part-time mom and sag-wagon races every weekend from now until September.

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