Make Lettuce Last

Let us talk about lettuce.  I really hate buying lettuce and sticking it in my fridge only to pull it out a few days later and find not lettuce, but a bag of green slime.
You know what I'm talking about.
It's really annoying and really gross.  But, there is hope.  There is a way around having your lettuce turn to slime before you make it into a salad.

Before we get started, a disclaimer.  This works with: red leaf, green leaf, butter leaf,  arugula and all types of kale.  It does NOT work with spinach.

Here is what you do.

First, fill up your sink with cold water.  While it's filling, tear the core out or off and toss it.  Then roughly tear up the lettuce leaves and add them to the cold water.  Swirl them around with your hand.  Let them sit in the water if you have other stuff to do. 

Next, get out your trusty salad spinner.  As you can see, mine is the Ikea version that cost something like $1.  I've had it for years and although it is small, it has never failed me.  Spin your lettuce dry.

You will need a container.  I often re-use the plastic containers that I buy pre-torn lettuce in.  You can also use a Ziploc bag.  And, you're going to need some paper towels.

Last.  Layer the lettuce between dry paper towels and stick it in your fridge.  The paper towels will absorb the excess water, thus keeping out the green slime.  Your lettuce will last in your fridge this way for 10 days or more.  It helps to replace damp paper towels.  If your lettuce starts to get limp, you can put it back into a cold water bath and repeat the process.

Happy fresh salad eating!!


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