Books of Late #5

I'm still devouring books over here and these are the latest....

What Alice Forgot - Reading this book can feel frustrating, but ultimately that's what makes it such a good read.  This is the story of Alice and how she hit her head during spin class and forgot the last 10 years of her life.  As the reader, we regain Alice's memories essentially at the same time she does - this is what's will want to know what Alice is forgetting as much as she does.  I couldn't put this book down because I. Just. Wanted. To. Know!  This should be filed in the chick lit category, it's a good, fun, summer read.

The Signature of All Things - I loved the beginning of this book, with the adventure, travel and history as we the reader(s) learn about Henry Whittaker and his rise from boy thief to successful businessman. Then we meet Alma Whittaker, Henry's daughter and our true main character.  Alma is interesting herself, but her story dragged for me throughout the middle.  Once Alma becomes married some mystery arrives and the adventure, travel and history return.  This is a good book but was totally unexpected for me to have come from Elizabeth Gilbert.

The Silver Star - Jeanette Wall's The Glass Castle is one of my favorite books, so maybe my expectations for Silver Star started out too high.  The narrator of this book is 12 year old bean.  The story is good, but it definitely feels like reading a pre-teen/teen book.  Although I wasn't terribly disappointed in this quick read, I guess I expected more.

Where'd You Go Bernadette? - This book hit me from out of nowhere, it was so far from what I expected I was instantly hooked.  A compilation of e-mail messages, newsletters and other "media" writing combined with some narration from one of the main characters, a girl named Bee, this book was written in a way I have only seen one other time (in a book I can't remember the title of).  Part gossip, party mystery, part happy, part sad....I really liked this book because it caught me off guard.  I finished it in about 2 days I was so hooked.  Makes for great poolside enjoyment.

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  1. I'll have to check out, 'Where'd You Go, Bernadette." Sounds interesting.

    I just finished a great book, read it in 2 days- couldn't put it down. "A Fighting Chance," by Elizabeth Warren.

    1. Thanks Ally. I'll have to look at that one. Elizabeth Warren is interesting.


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