Dinner Last Week #8

Confession.  This is not what we ate last week.  With this whole pregnancy thing happening I might be lucky if I could tell you what I ate yesterday.

That said, these are some dishes we've recently tried (via iPhone photo).....

My husband has taken to making dinner on Tuesday nights while I'm at yoga.  This was grilled cod with a garlic Parmesan (sorry, I don't know the exact recipe he used) and a side of quinoa salad with veggies and avocado.  I told him if he kept this up he might be cooking all the time!

This is one of my signature "everything but the kitchen sink" salads.  We have red quinoa, left over chicken breast, spinach, heriloom tomato, carrrot, corn, craisins and I'm not sure what else.  I have a thing with hot rice/quinoa/cous-cous and spinach.  Throw your hot item on top and the spinach will slightly wilt.  It's a healthy version of a hot salad.

This was the Turkey Ruben Patty Melt by Mountain Mama Cooks.  The recipe came together quickly with both of us hungry and chopping.  The hubs, who claims to not like Rubens or sauerkraut really liked this. Imagine that.

Breakfast one morning......fried egg sandwich with cooked prosciutto, fresh tomato and a basil ricotta spread.

What have you been eating lately??


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