July 28, 2011


Last weekend my sister-in-law (who I will name Beezelbum for the purposes of this blog) threw a luau themed birthday party for her sister.  Dress up was encouraged and The Cyclist allowed me to do this to him:
What a good sport! 

Beezelbum does such a great job with events like this.  She is super creative and have a way of making things that seem impossible, possible.  In a future post I'll show you the wedding centerpieces she designed for us. 

But for now, on to the luau!

Beezelbum & Wally (aka my brother) have an awesome backyard that they did all themselves.  They built a retaining wall and made a beach in the upper part of the yard - this is a permanent feature, not special for the luau, but it worked out great for the party.  Check it out.....
The cute "Beach" sign was an addition for the luau. 
Beezelbum went to the lake and collected old wood to make a few different signs for the party.
(Maybe I should have named her Martha for the purposes of the blog??)

Here are some more beach images....

...I love the tiki's, the beach railing for the stairs and the sea grass that is planted....

....and here is the beach!  It is really cool up there, like being in a whole new place.

Here is a shot from the beach, looking down into the yard....

Beezelbum designed the pergola and she and Wally built it.  I love the curtains!  There is a beautiful chandelier hanging inside, in addition to a bunch of really cool artistic pieces throughout the yard.

It is a little hard to tell because it's filled with people, but the lower part of the yard reminds me of a Tuscan-ish garden, or something you'd see in Europe.  The plants all look great....

(The Cyclist's Wife is hiding somewhere in this photo!)

Of course, you can't have a party like this without great food!!
Note - these pictures don't do the eats justice...
...I wish I would have been more focused on the photos, but I was busy stuffing my face!

See that empty two tiered plate on the bottom left? 
Those were pulled pork sandwiches on King's Hawaiian rolls.
I'm sorry, no photo of these...my belly did see two of them though.
In addition to being an awesome designer, Beezelbum is also a great cook.

Thank you for an awesome luau Beezelbum!

Last but not least....The Cyclist and I missed this part because we now have a bedtime around 10pm, but, the luau ended with a bang....


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